Papuan Cone Shell Belt



This is a wonderful Natural Dyed Bush Twine, Nassa and Cowrie Shell Belt from the Abelam People of the Sepik River, Papua New Guinea which is complimented by the charismatic Cone Shells.

As a tradition, the belt is worn by men of status in the village. The belt consists of woven twine with small Nassa Shells and Cowries Shells sewn onto the fiber belt with red and blue natural plant dyes.

Shells were used as currency in Papua New Guinea and serve significant importance within the traditional culture of Papua New Guinea. The Macrame belt would be a fabulous addition to your space or home interior.

All pieces are traditionally handcrafted which is why no two pieces are the same. Each has a slight difference in size, shape and/or color contributing to the uniqueness and originality of each beautiful piece.

This beautiful piece measures 68 cm in length and 37 cm in height - stand inclusive.