Javanese Spinning Gasing



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Made of teak wood, this traditional spinning gasing from the island of Java, is enjoyed as a fun activity primarily by children. Although very common amongst young ages, adults also take part in the activity and hold competitions! This traditional toy has various methods of which it is enjoyed, from who can spin the longest to smashing the tops of the gasing against competitors' in an attempt to topple them.

Centuries ago, this toy was used by the people of Malay to pass the ample amount of free time which they had after the rice harvest. Traditionally, it is believed individual gasing were said to inherit the nature of the trees they were made from.

All pieces are traditionally handcrafted which is why no two pieces are the same. Each has a slight difference in size, shape and/or color contributing to the uniqueness and originality of each beautiful piece.

This beautiful piece measures 12 cm in diameter and 21 cm in height - inclusive of the stand.

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